PASAK Webbing Sling E/E Type

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Product Introduction
Feature :
  1. It absorbs shock, anti-corrosion, excellent electrical insulation properties. It will not create sparks in explosive or flammable environments.
  2. Flexible shape according to the cargos, it's also very soft clinging or wrapping on the cargos and will never damage the cargos when working. It keeps operators from risk of injury.
  3. Avoid cutting by sharp tools in use of the round lifting sling. It's better to wrap up with leather or polyester to protect the round lifting sling for rough surface cargo which will extend its working life.
  4. Tie a knot or connecting with knots are forbidden. It is necessory to connect the round lifting sling by bridge piece.
  5. Material:Double Layer Polyester Fiber
  6. Safety Factor: 5 : 1

LengthItem No.Item No.Item No.Item No.Item No.Item No.
1M K2121 K2221 K2321 K2421 K2521 K2621
1.5M K21215 K22215 K23215 K24215 K25215 K26215
2M K2122 K2222 K2322 K2422 K2522 K2622
2.5M K21225 K22225 K23225 K24225 K25225 K26225
3M K2123 K2223 K2323 K2423 K2523 K2623
3.5M K21235 K22235 K23235 K24235 K25235 K26235
4M K2124 K2224 K2324 K2424 K2524 K2624
4.5M K21245 K22245 K23245 K24245 K25245 K26245
5M K2125 K2225 K2325 K2425 K2525 K2625
6M K2126 K2226 K2326 K2426 K2526 K2626
7M K2127 K2227 K2327 K2427 K2527 K2627
8M K2128 K2228 K2328 K2428 K2528 K2628
9M K2129 K2229 K2329 K2429 K2529 K2629
10M K21210 K22210 K23210 K24210 K25210 K26210
W.L.L. 1T 2T 3T 4T 5T 6T