Eye Small Sling Hook, with latch

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Product Introduction
Feature :
  1. Hooks are designed for Grade 80 alloy steel hanging chain and wire rope.
  2. The safety latch prevents from disengaging, and there is a groove on the hook to fix the safety latch.
  3. The hook is small to catch on small hole cargos. And it can bear big pulling force.
  4. Capacity, PASAK and WLL embossed on the products.
  5. Material:High Tensile Forged Alloy Steel
  6. Construction:Heat treatment and high temperature treatment (Quenched and Tempered)
  7. Safety Factor:4 : 1

Item No.W.L.L.Dimensions (mm)N.W.Pack
8-01S-07 1.5 20.0 16.5 77.5 9.7 14.0 15.0 98.0 0.24 110